ChatGPT banned in first schools. Homework no longer makes sense?

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The New York Department of Education has decided to completely ban the use of experimental artificial intelligence created by OpenAI in New York schools. ChatGPT, because we are talking about it, is a language model that allows you to generate almost any text in a few seconds, including an essay, essay, poem and short story. Representatives of the education sector are primarily worried about two things.

The fact that artificial intelligence will replace employees in various professions has been said for a long time. Meanwhile, the Department of Education in New York is concerned that artificial intelligence can replace… students and do their homework, prepare presentations and a whole range of other activities for which they should be assessed.

Jenna Lyle, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education, said:

Due to concerns about the negative impact on student learning, and concerns about content security and accuracy, access to ChatGPT is limited on New York Public School networks and devices.

While the tool may be able to provide quick and easy answers to questions, it does not build critical thinking and problem solving skills that are essential for academic and lifelong success.

This means that access to the tool will be limited on all devices at educational institutions in New York, as well as through internal networks in those places.

ChatGPT and concerns about plagiarism

Concerns about the impact on science are clear, but what does “content security and accuracy” mean? In this case, we are talking primarily about concerns about plagiarism. As reported by Business Insider, the use of ChatGPT to write academic papers has become so common in the United States that a Princeton University student has developed an application that determines whether a text was written using artificial intelligence.

The GPTZero application, launched this week by computer science student Eduard Tian, ​​detects copies for factors such as complexity and randomness. The initial demand for the app was so high that the site crashed and now redirects to the beta sign-up page.

Let us remind you that ChatGPT is one of the aces up the sleeve of Microsoft, which has invested $ 1 billion. in the work of OpenAI. The American giant is currently exploring the possibility of combining the language model with its Bing search engine , which is to be the greatest weapon in the fight against Google’s hegemony.